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1. Many large US supermarket cashier total of only 3 to 4 cashiers, and the rest is self-checkout (because there is a good credit system).


2. Because buying home is the early consumption of the wealth of the next 30 years, the United States has little emphasis of real estate. US real estate accounts for only ~ 5% GDP; and (25 to 50% of China, Russia is 0%: the disintegrated Soviet government gave away every citizen free house).


3. The United States government is not allowed to own or control any public media. Government also does not have a policy-making power. Ordinary people can publish without any approval process. Public media, experts and professors can blast and criticize every policy. Once not very satisfied, they can also call for protests, leading to the officer to lose his job. So US policy, national policy is very scientific (the US Constitution has not changed for hundreds of years).


4. All the money the United States is transparent. Driver’s license written appointment takes 10 minutes to finish, once passed and pay $100,  only need to wait for five minutes or so to get a driver’s license. $100 total + 20 minutes.


5. US personal income tax is about 3/5 of Europe (also lower than the Chinese). Prices are lower than China.


6. US attracted 70 to 75 percent of the world’s talents; 60 to 65 percent of the rich. US economy is mainly dependent on high-tech, high-efficiency: the United States dominate in the computer, Internet, automatic control, robotics, aviation, aerospace, medical diagnostics, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, film, finance, investment. . . . . .etc


7. F-16 fighter jet in service for 30 years fought dozens of wars, has never been shot down. Currently US is building F-22 and F-35 with stealth, automatic piloting and an array of state-of-the-art missiles.


8. US officials nationwide corruption cases per year 0-5 since (because there are a good credit system, and all the money is transparent).


9. The United States only used four months to bring down the Russian economy.


10. US stock P/E ratio is 16 times; China is 25 times; Russia is five times (fast buy Russian stocks see “3 Things that Shapes Better Picture at Russia Assets”!)
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1. 美国许多大超市总共只有3~4出纳员,其余的是自助结帐 (因为有良好的信用体系)
2. 因为房地产是把未来30年的财富拿到当前来消费(属超前消费),美国从不大抓房地产。美国房地产只占GDP的 ~5%;(中国为25~50%, 俄罗斯是0%:苏联公有制解体时政府白送每个人房子)。
3. 美国政府不容许拥有舆论媒体。政府不拥有政策制定权。普通人不需任何批准则可以办媒体。 舆论媒体,专家教授整天对政策平头论足,破口大骂。一旦很不满意,还会号召抗议,导至官员丢官。 所以美国的政策,国策非常科学 (美国的宪法几百年没变)。
4. 美国所有钱,法是透明的。约好时间办驾照笔试 10分钟,通过后交100$, 再等5分钟左右就拿到驾照,总耗时20分钟100$.
5. 美国的个人所得税大约是欧洲的3/5 (比中国还低)。物价也比中国低。
6. 美国吸引了世界70~75%的优秀人才; 60~65%的富人。美国经济主要依赖高科技,高效率:美国在计算机,互联网,自动控制,机器人,航空, 航天,医疗诊断,医疗器械,制药,电影, 金融,投资。。。。。等处于垄断地位。
7. F-16 战斗机服役20年参战几十次,从未被击落过。
8. 美国全国每年官员贪污案0~5起 (因为有良好的信用体系, 所有钱是透明的)。
9. 美国只用4个月搞垮俄罗斯经济。
10. 美国股票价格/利润比是16倍;中国是25倍; 俄罗斯是5倍 (快买俄罗斯股票! see “3 Things that Shapes Better Picture at Russia Assets“)
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