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update Sept 17, 2015 2:14 p.m. ET:
FED vote 9:1 to keep low interests and forecast 0.4% rate increase within this year, which increase the curve of this steep rise in short time, that will maintain and speed up the wealth outflow from EMs to USA. FED effectively started an economic warfare with EMs.

update Sep 14:
3. China industrial growth official data at 6.1%, below 6.5% expectation. while industrial PMI at 47.3 (alarming inconsistency between 6.1% vs 47.3; not sanguine when u have a faster wealth exit and strong depreciation expectation)

2. China publish 3 policies to restrict exchange of foreign currency in 1 week! point to sharp rise of wealth flowout –> bursting of bubble.

1. Margin debt at high end of historic data at NYSE:


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