Would you buy the whole Russia stocks for 350 Billion USD?



Would you trade the whole Russia stocks for 350 Billion USD, or 70% value of Google.


Russia with its vast resource, 143 Million well-educated people, its world-class airspace, 5th-generation fighter, nuclear power station, top-natch missile defense, arts….. now at fire-sale due to western lead sanction. Russia’s entering Syria/Middle-east and its alliance with Syria/Iran/Iraq/Hezbollah, together its super power in nuclear and missiles, will force everyone to make peace with Russia. Sanction will end and business will return.



National debt as % of GDP: 14.34%, one of the lowest in the world. If you worry about last Russia default, you can be sure of they have learned the lesson: Rubble is freely traded, government has lowest debt in the world, they can also have a lot of national asset to sell, print Ruble to buy $, or print to do investment driven economy like China. Russia has the lowest possibility to default again in the world.


Russian citizen got free housing when Soviet break up, their individual debt also ranking the lowest in the world.


US shell oil cost about 60~80 USD/Barrel, the US oil bankrupt hit the highest. It is just a matter of time for the oil price to increase. Especially when Saudi oil rich area is primary Shiites and Russia and Iran is enrage about Saudi/US engineered put/short oil asset, and Russia get into Middle-east. and Putin’s advisor openly calling for the strike of oil and military target in Saudi. and Iran has burned Saudi embassy and Saudi bombed Iran embassy in Yemen.

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more details here:  We suggest to buy OGZPY, RSX and RUSL(8.5~8.6). Much better than put money in the bank because every central banks are printing money in Trillion of USD. In addition, US bond is entering a bear market due to large dump by China and other EMs and those hundreds of trillions of USD in bonds are looking for getting out.

VIX is 23.95 and everyone is scared. China is central controlling everything and they have 3.3 Trillion USD and still can control for a while. Their money will flow to other place and other place will have more money. But the biggest risk is Bond are ending of 30 years of bull market and they are running for a cover.

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